Monday, January 5, 2009

Hi all

Hey everyone, this is my first blog and the reason i am here is because of my love for hindi cinema. i won't be wrong in saying the thing which excites me most is cinema. And as i have been mostly exposed to the contemporary hindi cinema my knowledge and interest mostly lies there. so it was very natural for me to host a blog which is based on hindi cinema. I like all kind of films. Be it drama, romance, action, fantasy, animation, comedy so i have no prominent biases as far genres are concerned. Though i do have my favorite actors and filmmakers i believe i am objective enough for cine lovers to follow my blog. 
My primary aim through this blog is to provide the latest, reliable and relevant Indian Cinema news to all the blog members. This includes news past, present and upcoming films as well as actors. I will also provide reliable Box office collections for the latest films based on reliable sources. I also plan to start posting reviews of the films i watch and seek comments of the blog readers. There will be more features added with time. All in all i hope u all have a good time here. 

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