Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 Idiots Dream Success: Causes and Effects

Successful films usually fall under these two categories: The films which have a great starcast, strong marketing skills and makers with a successful track record. Those films get a great or even record breaking openings but because of hype so many people see the movie in the first week itself that in latter weeks the Box Office Collections falls steeply. Then there are films which may not have great starcast and are not marketed aggressively but have very good content. Such films generally do not get a great opening but due to Word of Mouth publicity the film does great business in latter weeks. Both these kinds of films may be highly successful but imagine what if a film has everything going for it: The biggest superstar-actor, a filmmaker with an enviable track record, unparalleled marketing tactics and above all a very well crafted film which entertains as it educates. 3 Idiots happens and it surpasses everyone's expectations. 3 Idiots not only had an unimaginably earth-shattering opening but continued its dream run in latter weeks with average drops of just about 40%(compared to >60% average drops of other big ticket films).

3 Idiots success is not just huge by Indian standards but has also managed to take notice of the biggest international publications like New York Times and UK's Guardian. 3 Idiots is set to earn more than $80 million dollars from Box Office alone which was just unimaginable a couple of years ago for an Indian film. The film's success will not only affect it makers and other people directly associated with it but also the whole Hindicine industry as world will now not think of it as just the one which produces maximum films but also the one which can generate great revenues through quality content. Here's hoping that the other bigwigs of the industry take notice and make most of the path shown by Aamir Khan who has personified the 3 Idiots' message: Choose Excellence Success will Follow.


  1. This is a very biased article. if SRK's My Name is Khan was not delayed then 3 Idiots was flop. wait for My Name is Khan, it will break all records of 3 idiots and Ghajini. then Aamir khan will say that he dont care about Box Office and only for his audience and all that crap. Loser i tell.

  2. @SRK King Khan
    yes i agree wid u. but even if My Name is Khan does not break 3 idiots record it will be better than this idiotic film with cheap jokes and stupid message. SRK will always be the best no matter how many records Aamir Khan makes because he has the most number of fans. And SRK does not need to go begging around the country for ppl to watch his film.

  3. ^^dont worry friend. My Name is Khan will break even Box Office records of all Aamir Khan films. It is Karan Johar's film with SRK-Kajol unbeatable combo and the international company Fox will release it in 70 countries. In India also Shahrukh is the biggest star. Just wait for 12th February.

  4. but My Name is Khan is not mass film with cheap jokes so it may not work with masses like 3 Idiots but overseas it will beat all the records of Idiots headed by Aamir. Who cares about the Box Office!

  5. i do not get it why u think that MNIK cannot break 3 Idiots records in India. SRK rules Indian Box Office also. People all over are waiting for the film. MNIK will just blow away everyone and take Indian Cinema to the next level. and the track record of SRK-Kajol combo is unmatched.

  6. Also i am ready to bet with everyone for My Name is Khan. that it will break every record. It will also be bigger than Titanic and Avatar. SRK rocks. Idiots suck. Wait and Watch.

  7. Chill dude. its not good to have unreasonable expecatations otherwise u may be disappointed. u shud ne just happy that MNIK will be better film with better script and acting than 3 idiots. and please dont ever compare it with Hollywood biggies in terms of BO. its embarassing as an SRK fan for me.

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  9. @Apan
    u r just a biased Aamir Khan fan. ppl like u have made idiotic film like 3 Idiots huge hit. u see bad Aamir Khan films many times in the multiplexes and not good films like Asoka and Paheli. i never see Aamir Khan film bcoz he is selfish. but i know MNIK will be best and u will just shut up then. Good night and good bye.

  10. @above
    I ll just say. Keep ur hands on ur heart and say All izz Well.
    Get Well Soon Dude. EVen SRK wont be so obsessed with his films.

  11. ^^wat the hell do u think of urself. stuppid Aamir fan like Aamir. learn from SRK the most humble and selfless actor. all heroines love him.

  12. frustrated srk fans u need emperor khans mantra all z well for your rest of life

  13. @all SRK fans
    I cant stop laughing at ur comments which are coming out of frustration........saying 3 idiots had stupid message makes u god.......god bless u and help u to grow up soon........

  14. @ARmana
    the guy needs help. Wish him get well soon.

  15. @SRK fans
    it shows ur frustration.......u cant stand the truth that SRK movies were only good in box office collections and now Aamir has beaten him in that area too........
    that shit movie OSO becomes a hit is height of non-sense......

  16. @Aamir Khan fans. Aamir is the most frustrated. Used Shahrukh's name for promoting his films. SRK needs no one. He is the king and Aamir, Amitabh are just nothing in front of the King Khan. Aamir is snobbish and can never do film with SRK because he is insecure.

  17. HI SRK FANS.....u know Dogs cant Act so SRK cant act. The worst promo of a Karan Johar Movie, SRK is looking like a buddhha n insane. Its ridiculous..SRK cant think of BO its the Dog's birth right. SRGAY is a Dog n will remain a Dog. It is destined to be biggest flop in Bollywood nobody can save SRGAY...I bet.

    Regarding Aamir...please dont compare SRGAY with the God of Bolloywood thats Aamir. Pehle to Quality peida kar uske baad compare karen..thik hai

    Dont ever dare to think of Aamir!!!!!

  18. @SRK King Khan
    SRK bigger than Amitabh????? man go to some lol
    frustration at peak..........all over the websites its SRK fans who are posting comments on every article of 3 idiots.......losers

  19. @all stupid Aamir fans.
    Wait for 12th February then we'll talk. nobody will dare to say a thing for SRk then. losers.

  20. @SRK King Khan
    SRK has always been commenting on Aamir for years............Aamir replied to him just once and u ppl started dancing and bashing Aamir.
    Aamir is making u SRK fans insecure......

  21. @SRK King Khan
    Feb 12 doesnt matter.......we aren't talking about MNIK.......u ppl getting insecure and posting comments everywhere

  22. @ SRK fans...
    may GOD bless thy soul

    n pls keep commentting coz it feels nice to laugh at ur stupidity...

    n if u can't digest 3 Idiot's success,try Hajmola


  24. @Dipankar
    well said.......

  25. 3 Idiots maybe a big hit but MNIK will be even better. SRK's performance will be talked about for long after it. but the promotion should be better.
    PS: I liked 3 idiots also. it had a good message and comedy. but i dont like Aamir. Sharman and Maddy were best. also Boman but the scenestealer was Silencer(dont know his name).

  26. lolz..Aamir's success made SRK fans Insane and insecure..whats u r trying to prove here..learn to appreciate gud movies dudes...

  27. @ultimate blogger
    dont expect from such insane SRK fans to appreciate good movies

  28. learn to appreciate gud movies dudes...+1


  29. @all

    3 idiots is a gr8 movie..aamir was fantastic in it..MNIK may be a gud movie as der is SRK in it..Stop fighting..Aamir is a gr8 actor just like SRK..accept the fact n watch n appreciate gud movies

  30. @SRK fan
    finally nice to see some sensible comments

  31. pls do not compare aamir with sharuh

    it is a real insult to aamir khan

  32. we accept aamir is a great actor and a great super star.

    but pls , pls help our sharukh movie to be a hit.

    sharuk is also a super star just below aamir okay?

    we love sharukh

  33. @shahrukh fan

    u cannot be SRK fan. no SRK fan can say that sharukh is below aamir. u must be an aamir fan posing as SRK fan. if u r SRK fan i am ashamed of u.

    i wont respond to u until 12th Feb now. u ppl are not making any sense. Get a lyf.

  34. hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    @SRK fans
    MNIK breaking 3I's records ,in ur dreams.
    Infact u shud be worrying about Deshdrohi 2.
    Don't post these stupid comments ,u r proving how dumb srk fans cud be.

  35. @SRK King Khan
    again feb 12??? its not about feb 12......we know it will fare well at the BO.

    its about u ppl getting insecure and jealous on Aamir's huge success......else u wud be busy in MNIK promotion than bashing Aamir and 3-idiots......u shd get a life

  36. @ SRK fans

    SRK fools u people wid his charm...v r lucky to b an AAMIR fan as he never dissapoints us wid his movies :)

  37. the first to comment on this article was a SRK fan which proves their frustration :) lol

  38. may the tribe of srk fans increase.. we need humour in these times.. i am greatful to u guys for the livening up my day

  39. we are sorry aamir fans for the supid comment of our some srk fans,

    aamir is the great super star , no doubt

    but sharukh is a also a star , he has more cars, more houses than aamir,

    he like business , and aamir like only films , so pathetic

    srk knows money is important and he will do anyting for money

    he is a great money man,

    srk is great

    aamir loves only movies and his fans

    thats why he is always interacitng with his fans in blog

    srk loves only money

    and do not waste time taking with us.

    srk is great

    long live srk

  40. @ SRK fans:
    Aree bhai 3 idiots ne jab Sholey ka 35 saal ka hi record break kar diya, srk ki aukat kahan ke 3 idiots ka record tod de.

  41. Aamir's dedication is unmatched. SRK can't give that big hit.

  42. Has SRK done any movie like RDB, TZP, 3I, Ghajini. These are cult movies.

  43. SRK has done 25 movies in the last 10 years on the otherside Aamir acted in 9 movies out of which 4 are superhits(RDB, TZP, Ghajini, 3idiots).
    A true perfectionist !!!!!!!

  44. Good entertainment. i was getting bored. thnx everyone

  45. @ All Aamir fans
    U all are losers. Improve ur choice or get lost. SRK has most hits. Most fans. Most rich. Aamir has only 3 Idiots and Ghajini. Fanaa, Mangal Pandey biggest flops. and Mela was also flop. DCH boring. TZP was Darsheel movie, Aamir was side role. RDB was hit bcoz of other actors. Lagaan was period film and that is why it was hit.

  46. SRK is bigger star than even Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Will Smith. Most number of fans. He is also in Madame Tussauds. has his own cricket team.

  47. @ SRK kING KHAN.....chal bhai tu jeeta baaki sab haare....SRK is even bigger than Obama, He has more money than bill gates, His company red chillies is even bigger than google, aur avatar to SRK ki billu ke aas paas bhi nai pahuch payi....hehehehe

    Respect him if you are fan of him, itna insecure feel mat karo ki SRK ki publicity mein maniac ho jao

    yaar SRK KING KHAN ... tere yeh comments pad ke naa tere asli humble SRK embarrace ho jayenge humble hone ki jagah

  48. Aamir khan is cinematic genius.he iz marketing monster, brillent actor, successful producer and best directr

  49. Dear Srk Fans,

    frustrated srk fans.KIng kong is dancing in marriages for money and his illiterate fans are showing their frustration here.When MNIK flops they will give this reason-Kajol was the main star and SRK was in an extended special appearance(ROFL).
    we all know why MNIK got delayed.They were scared of 3 idiots..Hahaha

    so,fools never mess Aamir 'Emperor' Khan and his fans

  50. @ SRK fans
    u people will evn say dat OBAMA was dying to meet SRK...
    n yes our choice is far better den us....n tell me 1 thing if Lagaan being a period film was hit den y wasn't ASOKA a hit???
    n 1 more thing AAMIR has 5 cult movies under his name-'Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar','Dil Chahta Hai','Rang De Basanti,'Andaz Apna Apna nd 3 Idioits'.....
    while SRK has only 1-'DDLJ'....
    n before tellin 'Swades' or 'CDI' a cult please kno d meaning of cult

  51. @SRK King Khan
    DCH boring??? hahahahaha
    ab to level pata chal gayi tujh jaise SRK fans ki...........god bless SRK who has such stupid fans

  52. MNIK was post-poned becoz it wud have been slaughtered by 3-Idiots..........injury ka bahana karke aage kar di release date

  53. Finally
    Amir has fucked SRGAY........

  54. yep thats true....srGAY and company very well sensed that MNIK is bound to tank ,if it is released along with 3 idiots....this was a nice chance for srGAY to prove his superiority(if at all he is though)....but he developed cold feet in front of AAMIR and "delayed" his project....

    and yeah i guess promoting your baby from country to country is better THAN dancing in NRI weddings....yeah he still does that ...madari ka bandar..

    ♥NЄ@£♥ on orkut

  55. @srgay fans
    aamir is d biggest superstar in india actor....gr8 director nd opulent producer
    stop even comparin ace khan wid dat overactor srgay.....
    remeber last year srgay dared to release rnbj wid ghajini....wat was d result.....ghajini broke ol records....rnbj was no where near
    aamirs blockbuster--3 idiots, ghajini, rdb , tzp ,fanna, lagaan ,dil chta hai , sarfarosh, ishq, jo jita wahi sikandar, andaaz apna apna,rangeela,raja hindustani,qsqt, count it

  56. we are sorry

    i hate to be a srk fan

    he is greedy

    MINK will a a flop i guesss

    but please aaamir fans

    please help our SRk film to be a hit

    we beg u

    we can eat ur shitsss

    please see the film


  57. @True SRK fan
    stop posing as SRK fan. its so evident that u r just pretending and in real u dislike him.

  58. i love sharukh , but sharukh is greedy for money

  59. our sharukh fan maninder wll eat all shits put by aamir fans , for the sucess of MINK film



  60. the difference between a Donkey (SRgay) and a Horse(Aamir)........if u give grass to donkeys they dont eat n go for garbage the same is the case with SRgay...........who was offered 3Idiots but said no to it..........SRgay fans dont worry.........just say AAL IZZ WELLL!!!!

  61. hahaha!!! i m loving this ...havent been so entertained ever in my life. people please keep it coming!! dont stop!!!

  62. i think srgay's fans are really feeling jealous
    .nd dat iz wat we wanted ,they must be jelous of aamir
    bcoz aamir iz great nd we know wat srgay iz

  63. assrgay and his boyfriend has made a gay porn film, call My Name Is Raand and at the last moment changed, Raand to Khan as its one and the same thing

  64. hahaha...laughing and enjoying the insecureness prevailing in srk fans......all srk fans pls imagine what would be your state if MNIK flops....

  65. @ all...
    Plzzz... sm ppl r calling SRK as SRGay..

    Plz dnt do such stuff..!!

    He z nt SKR or SRGay... He z Ass.R.Gay..!!!


  66. gr8 ! srk is gud but no where near aamir. n aamir is ace since sarfarosh.. , a gr8 movie. aamir tussi gr8 ho ,aasrk ka toufa kubool karo.

  67. @all
    abbe chod!!
    Kitne baar aaplog SRGAY ko Balatkar karenge!!
    KJo is der 2 do dat...

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