Friday, July 2, 2010

I hate luv storys Review: Watch it only if you do not hate 'luv storys'

I hate luv Storys is a conventional Rom-Com with an adorable lead pair, chartbuster music, some smart dialogues, high production values and ofcourse a 'luv' story. While it spoofs the typical romantic hindi films more so the SRK-Yashraj-K.Jo ones, it somewhat intentionally ends up being one itself. It is quite enjoyable till it starts taking itself too seriously and keeps stretching beyond a point.

The basic premise of the film is that Jai who prefers being called J believes that love is nothing but just a stupid concept courtesy hindi films. Simran on the other hand lives in the world of filmi love storys and even has a fiancee whose name is Raj who gifts her a White flower everyday. Jai works as an Assistant Director for a filmmaker Veer Kapoor who makes the kind of romantic films Raj just can't stand but Simran really loves. Simran gets assignment to work as an Art Director for Veer Kapoor's new film 'Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar' which is a mishmash of all Adi-Chopra and Karan Johar films and yet is not supposed to be just a love story, but a saga.

Punit Malhotra, director of this film has worked as an AD for Karan Johar and Veer Kapoor's character containing some refrences to Karan Johar makes it easy to guess from where the idea of the film came from. The film maintains a good pace till the interval but afterwards it seemed as if the writer has run out of ideas and starts following the cliches more than needed.

The films works mostly because of its lead pair Sonam-Imran. Imran plays Jai really well and finally again seems comfortable after Jaane Tu. While he may not have so far shown versatility as an actor but when given a role which suits his real personality he does it with so much ease and comfort. Sonam Kapoor has a girlish charm which is familiar yet refreshing. The girl was born to be in front of the camera. Imran and Sonam share an easy chemistry with the help of some well written dialogoues while the story and screenplay hardly has anything refreshing to offer.

The supporting cast is pretty good with a notable performance by Kavin Dave who plays Jai's friend. Music like in all such luv stories is an important element and is certainly a strength of the film, 'bin tere' being the song which does not leave you even if the film does after you have left the cinema halls.

I hate luv Storys may not be a must watch but is certainly a decent weekend entertainer but only for those who do not hate 'luv' storys.

PS: After seeing his dance in the title track, its finally confirmed that Immu really cant dance, Saala.

-Apan Singhal


  1. saw it. decent one time watch. i ll give it 3.5 stars. Imran and Sonam were the best thing about the film. but the film is typical love story.

  2. it was a fun movie. Imran Khan was the best. Sonam also looked good. i love bin tere song.